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Quality politics


TYRSA assumes as a fundamental principle of its Quality Policy, guaranteeing all its clients products and services that meet their needs.

The implementation of a Quality System based on international standards UNE/EN/ISO 9001:2015 is another step on our path to achieving TOTAL QUALITY.

Tyrsa, aware of the importance of all the technical and human factors involved in achieving its Quality objectives, dedicates special attention to:

– Strengthen communication channels based on a policy of transparency and integration of its employees in the company's activities.

– Develop the necessary personnel training plans to achieve its Policy and Objectives.




The permanent objectives of TERMINALES Y REMACHES, S.A. are:

– Maintain the Quality System implemented based on the UNE/EN/ISO 9001:2015 regulations.

– Continuously improve the effectiveness of the implemented System.

– The continuous improvement of our products, adapting them to the demands of the market and the needs of our clients.

– Guarantee the satisfaction of our clients by establishing appropriate information channels, as well as the timely treatment of non-conformities.

– Ensure that the manufacturing of products is carried out in a controlled manner, progressively optimizing the Company's resources.

– The training of its managers and other personnel, involving them in the Quality System.

– Inform staff about the progress and achievements of the company.

– The detection and analysis of the costs of non-quality for its progressive reduction and improvement of competitiveness.

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